With the natural rhythm, the earth returns to spring, everything brightens, and everything begins to shine. Time, we have quietly said goodbye to the achievements of the year 2017, ushered in a rapid and hopeful year 2018. The past year has been one of the most inspiring and exciting in the history of the company. It has also been a year for us to make history and write history. All the achievements of the company are the result of the concerted efforts, selfless dedication and united efforts of all the staff present. Here, I want to thank all of you for your hard work over the past year. Thank you for your support.

The achievements of 2017 have become a history. Looking forward to 2018, our task is more arduous, there are challenges and more opportunities! First of all, we need to do a good job next year's work planning, to help us successfully complete the major projects abroad; secondly, we began to build our own Ling Hang Group culture into a happy enterprise! We need a real team with a common goal and a common pursuit; we need a team with a connotation, each team member should become a connotation of the staff, from me to start, everyone involved, cultivate personal good character, improve professional level, and constantly learn and grow. Individuals with good moral character and professional skills, enterprises have a good brand image, can better assume social responsibility, to complete the mission of building a happy enterprise. It is hoped that all the colleagues in the company can join hands in the new year and leap forward again. Strategies determine the direction, details determine success or failure.

In 2018, we will continue to improve and optimize the product mix, strengthen sales, cooperation and other aspects of management, provide customers with a wide range of services, multi-channel, through the full cooperation of all departments to achieve a steady win-win situation. Gradually become a real group company.

To sustain the company's development, it is necessary to each of us to make every month every year conscientious, concerted, innovative and enterprising. For each employee, I would like to emphasize three aspects of the content, I hope that we can rally our strength, do our utmost to create a brilliant future.


First, the foundation of life is the foundation of success. We often say that "to be a man in advance" means to accomplish a career, first of all, to have good moral character. Indeed, learning to be a man is the way to do things, and "to be popular is to win the world." Personality is the basis for doing things. If a person wants to succeed, the first problem is to learn to be a man. "To be kind to others is to be kind to ourselves." We know how to respect others, understand mutual understanding and modesty, understand how to cherish the team, know how to diligence and  hard-working. Everyone lives in the real world, and eagers to succeed, every successful person has a responsibility on himself, responsibility can make people strong, responsibility can stimulate potential, to a certain extent, responsibility carrying capacity. Only when a person is full of responsibility can he have the opportunity to fully display his ability, the opportunity he can win, and the chance he can get to success better. In this world, there are many talented people, but not many people who have both talent and sense of responsibility. Only with responsibility and talent, can we have a better foothold in society. In 2018, I expect Linghang group to be proud of you. 


Win win together. Only when the relationship between colleagues is harmonious can we work more comfortably and live a more meaningful life every day. "When work is a pleasure, life is a pleasure; and when work is an obligation, life becomes slavery." A good relationship between colleagues will be beneficial to everyone's work and life.

Win-win cooperation. For us, the real win is win-win. There are three meanings.

The win-win relationship between the company and its customers is to realize the interests of the company through the realization of customer value. The win-win situation between the company and its employees can promote the development of the company through the establishment of an effective personnel training system. Through the efforts of each employee, the team's strength is condensed to ensure the smooth development of daily work, so as to better promote the development process of the company. At the same time, the company will focus on the construction of corporate culture in 2018, Linghang Group's cultural concepts, and development strategy, to promote the implementation of corporate concepts into the management of enterprises. The win-win situation between the company and the society, through participating in social welfare undertakings, provide employment opportunities, establish a good social image of Linghang Group, to contribute to the development of society.


"Win hands together and create a better future". I believe that the confidence and efforts from all the staffs here, with the solidarity and assistance, and continuous innovative team spirit, we will open a new chapter of development and make the company achieve more brilliant futures. I believe that all of us here can also harvest success and happiness. Finally, I wish you all the best in the new year! Good Health! Happiness of the whole family! Thank you!